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Bayesian semantic technologies for pharmacogenomics
Pipelines for bridging the gap between semantic technologies and large-scale statistical data analysis.

New publication on ageing from AwE!
Ageing with elegans: a research proposal to map healthspan pathways

Adaptive study design beyond clinical trials
Online learning and budgeted learning technologies for optimizing high-throughput omic screening

Personalized spa services
To support personalized medical and health spa services, we are participating in the development of a novel system in regenerative medicine using carbon dioxide bath and balneotherapy.

Multitask Bayesian system-analytics
Bayesian system-analytics for the genetics behind the diseasome

Participating at the Death, Healthspan and Aging workshop
We presented our multitask Bayesian system-analytic concept for the discovery of general genetic factors of ageing.

Announcement - Change in the Management of our Company
Gergely Temesi, Managing Director from 2009 resigned and will join MSD Global Innovation Center Prague as Scientific Information Assets Lead.

H2020-AwE website is launched!
Information about the project, participants, work packages, related publications and events are available at the Ageing with Elegans project website.

Participation in a H2020-EU.3.1.1. project: Ageing with elegans
Discovering molecular pathways underlying healthy ageing for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment

Telemedicine solution for the Quantified Self era
Preparing for the next era of biomedicine, we synchronized and extended our tools into single framework, which supports daily data collection, data analysis and intelligent support for automated patient-doctor interactions.

Precision in NGS calling
As part of our NGS pipeline propagating uncertainties quantitatively, a novel module had been developed for the fusion of multiple callers.

Support for KOBAK
Industrial expertise for a better higher education

Completed GENAGRID
The GENAGRID project (2008-2012) was successfully closed.

Repositioning service on GDDIF
Our drug repositioning service was presented at the Global Discovery To Development Innovation Leaders Forum 2012.

Process analytics in drug quality control
Systems-based data mining for anomaly detection.

Partnership with Roche
Assistance in next-generation sequencing technologies.

Bayesian system-analytics for omic fusion
Novel drug targets from systems-based integration.

512 processzor ad értelmet a géneknek (www.index.hu)
Szuperszámítógép segít abban, hogy a biológusok kommunikálni tudjanak az informatikusokkal, és közben megtalálják néhány súlyos betegség genetikai okait. Bonyolult statisztikai módszerek állnak a gyógyítás szolgálatába.